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Sabrina Bunks & Al Taylor, Great New Place
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We Get Such Wonderful Comments From Our Residents...

We believe you can tell a lot about the kind of experience you can expect from us by seeing what other residents have said. Here are just a few of their comments...

You are the best landlords I've ever had. If you ever need someone to convince potential residents that this is the best place they will ever live, tell them to call me. - Joy Schroeder


I love my place and you're right about this area being very quiet. Thank you for being so warm and making the transition a breeze. - Betty Lam


Thank you again for allowing Scott and myself to reside in your condo. Your places are absolutely adorable and hope to have the pleasure to live in another one in the near future. Cassandra Spencer


Review from our Facebook Page: "If you are looking for a fantastic apartment in a great area of Dallas for a reasonable price, look no further! I am a former tenant of a Great New Place apartment and can honestly say I have no hesitation recommending them. Al and Sabrina are awesome landlords who soon become friends. And who can say that about their landlord or apartment management!? During my time as a tenant I never once had a problem with the property or the way things were handled concerning routine maintenance, rent, etc. I highly, highly recommend GNP!" - Michelle Harbst


A Review from our Facebook page: "One of the great things (and there are many) about living in a Great New Place property is the owner's responsiveness to maintenance requests. They respond so quickly and cheerfully to any request, however minor. And when they say that their places are energy efficient, they are being 100% truthful. Great looking place, great energy bills, great owners! You will not be disappointed!" - Claudia DeMoss


A review from our Facebook page: "I love my Great New Place apartment for so many reasons. It is beautifully updated, really energy efficient, conveniently located and a great place to come home to. The owners' are simply the best landlords you could ever want. I
have never met anyone like them. They quickly respond to any request and always with a smile. I consider it a privilege to live here and to know Sabrina and Al." - Carolyn Smith


A Review from our Facebook page: "Great New Place literally is what it says. My wife and I are now in our 2nd Great New Place property, and couldn't be happier. Sabrina and Al are terrific people who have this wonderful knack for finding properties which they love, pouring themselves into making each one a comfortable place to live, and then giving us the opportunity to enjoy the benefits. As property owners you can't ask for better people, or for better properties, particularly for the price. If you're looking for a fantastic place to live, at a reasonable price, and terrific landlords to boot, then Great New Place is DEFINITELY something you want to checkout." -Jack Carter


A Review from our Facebook page: "Thank goodness for Al, Sabrina and Great New Place! I've been a renter since my college days and I have NEVER had a better rental experience! From day one, (March of 2010, when Sabrina got out in a snowstorm to show us the property) it's been phenomenal! 

This property is gorgeous, from the bamboo flooring to the granite countertops, high ceilings and all of the other touches - - they show that Great New Place is committed to creating a warm, inviting environment that I am proud to call 'home'. 

Al and Sabrina are not 'landlords' in the traditional're not a unit number or a signature on a check each month...they are involved without being obtrusive and available to address any questions or requests. I actually look forward to interacting with them -- how many landlords can you say that about?" -Jerilyn Freeman


A Review from our Facebook page: "I can't speak highly enough of Sabrina and Al. My husband and I have lived in two of their properties, and have been ecstatic with both. From quality of materials to upkeep, decorative touches/finishes to resolving issues, Sabrina and Al go above and beyond in every way. In fact, when we had a pipe freeze this winter, they had us up and running extraordinarily fast. Every problem (and there are few) is resolved quickly and thoroughly.

They've become more than just landlords - they're friends as well. If you're looking for a gorgeous place to call home - at a fantastic price, with fantastic landlords - look no further. You won't be disappointed." - Jennifer Wesley


A Review from our Facebook page: "I loved my Great New Place! It was like staying in a luxurious bed & breakfast - not just a hotel! They were always responsive anytime I needed anything, and the best part was the look of my place ... beautiful hardwood floors, granite counter top, and very cool lighting - my place truly felt like home. Sabrina and Al have become great friends and I would recommend any of my friends living there (I actually have in fact!!)." - Matt Hummel


A Review from our Facebook page: "As a recent college grad, it was such a relief to be able to afford an amazing place in Uptown with tons of amenities. Al and Sabrina made my place look amazing and were always very responsive. I moved to Los Angeles but I still miss my Great New Place!" - Stephanie Strobel


These past few years have been the absolute best rental experiences I have ever had...and I don't think I could EVER go back to large-scale, corporate-owned apartment living. You have spoiled me rotten. - Jeri Freeman


A Review from our Facebook page: "I had a great experience renting from Al and Sabrina sight-unseen. The description and photos of the place were perfectly accurate, and my impression of Sabrina from our phone conversation (that she was forthright and would be responsive) was confirmed again and again. My apartment was a highlight of my time in Dallas, I would rent from them again in a heartbeat." - Jane McCamant


"Thanks so much for this past year, I can't tell you what a pleasure it has been to have had such a nice place to live and such wonderful landlords. You guys are doing a great job and giving many people a warm, comfortable, and pretty place to live in and call home. I will really miss the truly love it at first sight."- Johanna Nedley


We've thoroughly enjoyed renting from Great New Place these past two years. Sabrina has always been thoughtful, prompt, and extremely responsive to even the smallest issues we've had. She couldn't have been easier to work with or been more available than she was. I would highly recommend anyone who is tired of renting in a corporate context or who've had issues with absentee landlords to look into one of their properties. -Josh Kelly


I honestly have never had such a fantastic landlord.Frank Espino


I love it here. Thank you for making my transition so easy! -Desarae Taton


A Review on Yelp: Al and Sabrina are the best landlords ever-- when you call for any problems, even small ones, they are fixed right away. We don't ever feel like "just another renter", instead, we feel like we're renting from a friend. The care and thought they put into each unit is obvious, from the beautiful floors to the energy-saving features. Not only are the places great, but the neighbors are, too! They are choosy in whom they rent to, which means other renters in our area love their places as much as we love ours. It's a wonderful community to live in and we are so happy here. - Erin Slay


A Review on Yelp: My husband and I recently moved out of our Great New Place apartment. We lived there for a little over a year, and would have stayed longer except that we decided to move out of state. Al and Sabrina were great to work with from the start, and genuinely care about their tenants. Our apartment had great finishes, and we payed a really reasonable amount of rent for the size and location. Any time we had a problem, Al and Sabrina were quick to address it and help us with whatever we needed. They also had great relationships with all our neighbors. We have recommended Great New Place to several friends, and would definitely rent from them again if we are ever back in Dallas. -Mary Dunn


A Review on Yelp: Sabrina and Al have been my landlords for the past five years and I cannot say enough about how wonderful they were! Any problems that I had with my gorgeous apartment (which were few) they fixed promptly. They also kept up with the general yearly maintenance on my apartment, which resulted in low energy cost for me. From move in to move out, I have to say that I was completely taken care of and the process was of ease. I would recommend Great New Place to anyone looking for a place to rent. - Jenny Walker


A Review From Yelp: My husband and I lived in one of Al & Sabrina's condos for almost two years, and it was by far the best renting experience we've had yet. Their properties are unique and modern with lots of natural light, and we were only minutes away from great restaurants, shopping, downtown Dallas, and the White Rock Trail. They are also the nicest and most personable landlords you will ever have. If you're looking to rent in the area, you would be doing yourself a disservice not to consider Great New Place. -Beth Gathright


A Review from our Facebook page: "We are absolutely thrilled with Great New Place. We were in love with the sleek, modern loft aesthetic from Al and Sabrina’s gorgeous website, found our new home, and we have been so happy with it ever since. Al and Sabrina are, without hesitation, the best landlords you could hope for. They take care of little renovations as needed, and when the occasional home issue does come up, we are always amazed at how fast and efficient they are. Under previous renting experience, we had come to understand that the phrase “it might take a while” meant days. With Al and Sabrina, that usually means one or two hours or even less. They are wonderful at communicating information, and keeping us updated on both home-related and Dallas-related news. The area is in the middle of things without being lost in the chaotic city hustle, and is in easy distance of a number of Dallas gems." -Sean McNally


A Review from our Facebook page: "There's something personal about Great New Place. It's not the icky pretentious complex where you're just another number amongst young people. You have a voice and the owners are accessible so it proved most convenient for a newbie to the area. The location is prime access to some of the great things Dallas has to offer without being in the traffic of it all. And I had zero problems during my time living there. I look forward to returning to Great New Place, the transition in and out were smooth and stress free.
" - Arlinda Arriaga


"You will not find better landlords anywhere. They have such efficient attention to your comfort and provide nothing but quality and sincerity. You will be fortunate to have them in your life."- Ken Spencer


"I have enjoyed my stay for the past 3 years and value your professionalism, timely actions, and friendship. Please accept my heartfelt thanks for all you've done."- Ken Franch


"We just love leasing from GreatNewPlace. The community is small, quiet and has beautiful surroundings. It is one of the best places we have lived. You’re treated with professionalism as well as like family when you need anything. On the rare occasion we have had maintenance issues they are resolved in such a timely manner. We are located next to great shopping, restaurants and movie theaters."- Kimberly & Mario Mitchell


"I wanted to thank you for helping get me settled here in Dallas. The application process was quick and easy, and the unit is wonderful! Not only is the complex clean and well-maintained, but it is absolutely silent. (Nice, friendly neighbors, too!) Thanks again for all your assistance!"- D. Martin


"I just love my new place. I never dreamed I could find such a unique place that's so affordable. You guys are so good to me!"- Leah Halverson


"I've got the best landlords in the world! You guys are just as responsive as you were when we started our relationship seven years ago."- Sheryl Jackson


"I just love my “Great New Place!” The location, near Uptown Dallas, is perfect for the schools my children attend and the neighborhood is great. They've been the BEST landlords! They are open, speedy and quickly resolve any maintenance issues. I would highly recommend them to anyone whom is looking for a nice place. My condo is just perfect!- Trina Robertson


"This is the best place we've ever lived. In addition to being a great condo…the location is close to everything… We've never had such great and friendly landlords. Thank you for treating us like family!"- Dylan Lockett


"I'm always impressed with how quickly you've responded."- Jenny Walker


"We've never had a better experience in an apartment before!! Thank you again for being the greatest landlords ever!!"- Angelique Howard


"I LOVE my Great New Place! Sabrina and Al, you guys are AWESOME!"- Cody & Summer Cornett


“Thank you SO much for easily being the best landlords we've ever had! You all rock, and believe me when I say I will sing you praises to all rental-seeking people I come across in my Dallas adventures.”- Gerry McCarthy


“I wanted to thank both you and Al, for being such flexible, helpful and considerate landlords.”- Steven Bitner


"Thank you again for being so awesome!! To say we are thankful and appreciate you is a huge understatement!"- E & M Martin


"You're just the nicest landlords I've ever had! You care about your tenants!- Jorge Herrera


"Rachel and I wanted to thank you for being fair and friendly landlords. It seems as though that doesn't happen often but you pull it off with ease. We'll certainly refer you to friends who may be looking."- Carlos Hernandez


"You've been fantastic landlords. At some point I want to buy my own place, but as long as I have to rent, I'm glad I'm renting from the two of you."- Ken Owens


"It's been a real pleasure to reside in this beautiful condo and even more of a pleasure to deal with you as landlords. I appreciate the care and expediency you show with any and all of my requests. Thanks for everything!"- Beverly Blair


"I appreciate all you've done for me. I tell all my friends how much I love my landlords and I've referred many of my co-workers to you!"- Norma Williams


"You have been by far the most amazing landlords ever!!! We want to thank you for great upgrades, and most of all for your kindness and positive attitude. You made our first home in Texas so memorable because it was indeed - our great new place!!!"- Margaret & David Armstrong



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